External Audits that approved PUL ... This beef produced under the most strict sanitary controls... All the aspects related to the Animal Welfare…
Our beef, which is produced under the most strict sanitary controls, free of hormones and chemical products of any sort, is obtained from a period of breed in perfect harmony with nature and generates, high quality products. A modern traceability system has been developed at PUL, which guarantees confidence to the final consumer.

Due to qualified advanced courses, our skilled labour are capable to attend all customers need and demands.

The raw material, special cuts, and packing used are strictly controlled for all PUL products. These products are guaranteed to have all sanitary controls supervised by Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing Ministry (MGAP) and by the National Meat Institute (INAC). We should add backing up of quality control of the company whose prestige and dedication are widely recognized in the international market.

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